Robert: The world’s largest hockey stick is being attacked by woodpeckers

Published on April 20th, 2022 @ 10:31 AM


Town officials in a North Cowichan, B.C. are greatly concerned over the welfare of the world’s largest hockey stick, after a series of attacks from woodpeckers.

Residents first spotted a pair of northern flickers, a type of woodpecker protected by the British Columbia Wildlife Act, atop the 61 000 lbs hockey stick earlier this month. Shortly after, the birds were seen pecking at the giant, wooden structure, which leads wildlife experts to believe the duo have decided to call the hockey stick home.

Attempts to plug any holes have been fruitless as the birds quickly figure out how to remove any foreign objects from their nesting site.

Officials say they plan inspect the holes and, if a nest is found, the birds will be left alone for the season. If a nest has yet to be established, alternative methods of possibly re-homing the birds will be discussed.




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