Robert: “The Bold and the Beautiful” using blow-up dolls for sex scenes amid COVID-19

Soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful are going to unique measures in order to further their stories amid COVID-19.

The show plans on resuming filming this month, and when they do, they plan on using blow-up dolls in order to keep their actors safe through physical distancing.

“When we were reviewing the scripts we started taking out all the romantic scenes and [the scripts] just fell flat,” said head writer Bradley Bell. “We put our heads together trying to figure out a way to make these scenes work without breaking the eight-foot [distancing] rule… and we brought out a doll we used years ago as a corpse. We posed it and it was very convincing.”

He noted the show only has the one doll now, but producers may employ more if it works.

“We may be investing in more dolls and male dolls. We’re searching websites and combing Hollywood to see what’s available — so we may be employing a lot of dolls in future love scenes.”



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