Robert: Texas restaurant will pay you to pet puppies

This is what heaven must be like.

The MUTTS Canine Cantina that is looking for their first ever “puptern” for its Dallas-Fort Worth location, whose duties are solely to play with dogs all day. No strings attached.

The Texas-based bar and restaurant lets dog moms and dads can drop their canines at on off-leash dog park attached to the restaurant, where they can sit and have a meal and/or a drink. With this posting, not only is MUTTS offering the job of  a lifetime, but they’re also willing to pay you handsomely. MUTTS says the puptern will be paid $100 an hour to greet members, offer to play with their dogs while they dine and then play with said dogs.

>“We are looking forward to hiring our first ever puptern,” says MUTTS co-founder, Kyle Noonan. “There aren’t many opportunities out there that pay interns to strictly play with dogs all day long. Typically, there may be other responsibilities that come with the job, but not this one. I’d be lying if I said this is going to be one ‘ruff’ internship.”



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