Robert: Stop what you’re doing and watch this dog play hockey

Meet Benny, the hockey loving dog.

Benny is a six year old Labrador who’s hoping to break into the NHL someday. Benny’s owner, Cheryl Del Sangro, says she only had Benny for a few months when he started showing an affinity for the ice. “I just started teaching him the same as teaching a small toddler and incredibly he took right to it. He was able to stand and skate on his own the first day we tried it.”

Del Sangro hopes the canine’s skills will catch the attention of the Vegas Golden Knights, “A friend of mine suggested we make a Vegas Golden Knights video after the team made it to the Stanley Cup last year to show support.” She thinks the dog would offer great entertainment to game nights, and at the same time bring attention to the amazing things adoptable and rescue animals can do.



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