Robert: “Snack Ninjas” take over Corner Brook

The current COVID-19 pandemic can be described as the worst of times, but it seems to have brought out the best in some people.

Krystal Hollett, founder of the West Coast Ninjas – Snack and Dash, says her mission is to brighten people’s days and get them out of what she calls, “this horrible COVID-19 funk”.

The West Coast Ninjas is a Facebook group where members list their favourite snacks and beverages. From there, another member then takes it upon themselves to stuff a gift basket with these items and anonymously leave it on the recipients door step.

“You pick a person that you feel that could really benefit, or really need their spirits lifted,” Hollett explains. “You buy what they have listed, sneak up to their house, ring the doorbell, runs away and then they’ve been Ninja’d.”

Hollett’s group originally started with 30 members, but has since exploded to over 2600.

“It’s a mental health initiative.” Hollett says. “It brightens someone’s day to know that someone is thinking about them.”



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