Robert: Sewer in Detroit clogged by “fat-berg”




Officials in a Michigan county say they’re hoping the discovery of a 100 foot long fat-berg will teach people to be careful of what they put down the drain.

The Macomb County Public Works Office in Detroit found the massive collection of fat, oils, grease and trash clogging a sewer pipe earlier this week. The office said the fatberg, the largest such object found in the county’s sewers, is a result of grease and similar materials being poured into the sewers.

“To put it simply, this fatberg is gross,” says Public Works Commission Candice Miller. “It provides an opportunity, however, to talk with people about the importance of restricting what goes down our sewers. This restriction was caused by people and restaurants pouring grease and similar materials down their drains. We want to change that behavior.”

The county is launching an education initiative in order to prevent future fatbergs from forming.



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