Robert: Scientist names new fly species after Marvel superheroes


Scientists in Australia have announced they have decided to name five new species of fly after Marvel superheroes.

The five flies were part of 165 discoveries named by the scientists over the past year by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. (CSIRO)

“We chose the name Humorolethalis sergius,” said CSIRO entomologist Dr Bryan Lessard referring to a fly named after the foul-mouthed hero Deadpool. “It sounds like lethal humour and is derived from the Latin words humorosus, meaning wet or moist, and lethalis meaning dead.”

Scientists also chose Marvel characters Loki, Thor and Black Widow to name some of the other species.

There’s even a species that pays tribute to Marvel comics founder Stan Lee due to the insects markings resembling Lee’s trademark sunglasses and moustache.




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