Robert: Police in Estonia are ditching speeding tickets for time outs

“Time outs” are a common and effective way of disciplining a child. Seems like someone in Estonia figured, ‘if they work for kids, maybe they’ll work for adults!’.

Police in the Eastern European country are testing out a pilot project that will give first time speeding offenders the choice of a fine, or a time out. An adviser for Estonian police explains drivers are likely to engage in conversation with the officers present, giving insight to the reasons why people speed. The idea is to gather knowledge on this subject, and possibly develop methods to change driver behaviour.

There are two types of disciplinary measures within the project; those caught driving above the posted speed limit by 20 km/h or less will be subject to a 45 minute wait along the shoulder of the road, and those caught exceeding the limit by 21-40 km/h will be subject to a 60 minute wait.

Estonia has seen a sharp increase in the number of vehicle related fatalities in recent years, which prompted the need for changing driving behaviours.



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