Robert: Pittsburgh Penguins reach out to Newfoundland fan after crash

The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming to the aid of one of their biggest fans after she was involved in a horrendous car accident. Aside from a punctured lung and a wrist injury, Dwan Street walked away relatively okay given the severity of the crash. However Dwan, an avid hockey player, lost all of her hockey gear due to water damage from sitting in the snow for a prolonged period of time.

After a friend reached out to the team on Twitter, Street was contacted by Andi Perelman, new media director for the Penguins, who offered to replace the equipment she lost. “I was sitting in my car dealership this morning replacing my vehicle, and I got a DM on Twitter. At first, I thought it was a parody account and then I saw it was the Penguins account. I opened it up read the message and the saleslady across from me said, ‘Are you OK?’ because I started to tear up a bit. I said ‘Yeah, I just got a message from the Penguins,’ and she laughed because she knew what a Penguins fan I was and I lost my Penguins hockey gloves.”

She continues, “I can’t thank them enough. They turned a terrible week around.”



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