Robert: Ontario to ban cell phones in the classroom

The province of Ontario has a made the decision to ban cellphones in classrooms starting next year.

Some schools within the province have already instituted similar policies, but this decision will make it applicable for all public schools.

Once in place, cellphones will be prohibited during instructional time, with the exception for when teachers want to use them as part of their lesson, for medical reasons and students with special needs.

“When the school day starts, the phones go off,” said a senior government source. “It’s about recognizing that a school is a learning environment.”

While almost the entirety of those asked said they were in favour of the ban, similar attempts in the past to restrict cell phones in school for the purpose increasing productivity weren’t all that successful. The Toronto District School Board attempted a cellphone ban, but reversed it after four years to let teachers dictate what works best for their classrooms. The board would go on to say that enforcing an outright ban was next to impossible, and to curb technology use would place limits on educational opportunities.



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