Robert: NL Crime Stoppers end controversial campaign

Crime Stoppers has announced that it is effectively ending it’s controversial “Project Anonymous” campaign.

“Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers will, with immediate effect, discontinue the “Project Anonymous” campaign in its entirety,” a statement from the organization reads. “We thank those who supported the effort as well as those who voiced their comments and concerns.”

The campaign drew the ire of many, including patrons and business owners in the Downtown St. John’s area, who found the overall message confusing and misleading. As part of the campaign, posters were plastered all over the Downtown area that seemed to feature actual eyewitness statements regarding violent crimes. The idea behind this tactic was to stress the importance of reporting crime whenever you see it. However, it was believed that while these statements were fictitious, some may interpret them as being based on fact and lead many too question the safety of one of the capital city’s busiest and most frequented areas.

The organization closed the statement by re-iterating its overall goal. “We ask everyone to remember that Crime Stoppers is a tool in safety of our communities and as a charitable volunteer organization, the intent was and always will be for the positive good.”



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