Robert: Netflix releasing more “choose your own adventure” content

Following the success of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, where viewers shaped the episode by choosing the actions of the characters, Netflix has decided to further the experiment with the “choose your own adventure” formula.

According to Vice President of Product, Todd Yellin, the company is also exploring this type of interactive content across different genres. “Why can’t you have a romantic title where you get to choose who she goes out with?” Yellin said. “Or horror titles. Should you walk through that door, or should you dive out that window and get the heck out of there? You can make the choice.”

“When viewers can direct a story, they feel ‘really with the character.’” Yellin continues. “You are more viscerally feeling what they are feeling. You just made the choice for them.”

Netflix says the concept is still in its early stages and won’t replace traditional storytelling.



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