Robert: Mystery museum safe opened after 50 years

Published on May 16th, 2022 @ 12:30 PM


A museum in Indiana managed to crack a 50 year mystery when they figured out how to open a safe that has been locked since at least early 70’s. 

The Ruthmere Museum explains the safe was a part of the museum before the museum was a museum, being a part of the building upon purchase by museum founders. It is believed the last time the safe was opened was sometime before the museum opened in 1973.

The Ruthmere says the combination to the safe was discovered with help from former Ruthmere resident Bob Deputy and his daughter, Cathy O’Connor.

So what did they find inside?



The meaning of life?!

None of the above.

Upon cracking the code, museum employees found a single sheet of paper bearing insurance information inside. That’s it.

Womp, womp.




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