Robert: “Momo Challenge” urging self-harm being called a hoax

A dangerous internet challenge aimed towards children is being called a hoax by some.

Internet fact-checking website Snopes is warning the “Momo Challenge” may be a hoax, with no confirmed cases of suicide or self-harm amongst children being linked to the challenge. YouTube has also been unable to locate or confirm the existence of any videos relating to the challenge on their site.

Throughout the week, stories of children being exposed to videos on popular apps and websites, including YouTube and WhatsApp, encouraging them to commit acts of self-harm and suicide have gone viral on social media. The videos and messages would be disguised as videos relating to popular children shows and video games, baiting in potential victims. Equipped with a disturbing image of the titular Momo, a female with bulging eyes, long black hair, and a beak-like smile, only up’d the creep factor.

Despite the lack of evidence, authorities are still urging parents to monitor and keep tabs on what their children get up to while online and educate them about internet safety. They are also warning about unwittingly perpetuating myths by sharing news articles and stories from other users on social media without properly doing research.



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