Robert: Mom goes viral for making “water popsicles” for her kids

A 27 year old mom has gone viral for her “recipe” for “water Popsicles”.

Erin Bachman has two young sons who enjoy eating Popsicles, however their favourite snack always seems to end up on their clothes, and the furniture, and the floor, and everything.

The solution? Make “Popsicles” out of something that won’t stain or make everything sticky.

So Erin began making making large ice cubes with sticks in them.

@erinbachman_Introducing my kids favorite treat that they constantly beg for… WATER POPSICLES💀😭😂 ##momlife ##momsoftiktok ##parentlife ##tiktokmom

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“I already had the popsicle molds, so I figured I’d just give it a try, and turns out it was a hit!” Erin says. “Both of my kids always say they’re yummy.”

Erin is upfront with her kids that they’re actually eating ice, but she explains that her sons are more excited about having a frozen snack more that the actual taste.



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