Robert: Men who eat more veggies fart more

Published on September 9th, 2021 @ 12:00 PM


When  your mom told you to eat your vegetables, she probably didn’t realize the advice came with some smelly consequences.

According to the Liver and Digestive Diseases Networking Biomedical Research Centre, men who follow a largely plant-based diet tend to fart more.

In a study involving 18 healthy men, the results saw those following a plant-based diet farted seven times more per day in comparison to those who had a more balanced diet.

While the idea of the constant breaking of wind sounds gross, an increase in flatulence should be welcomed.

“Our Western idea that farting is a sign of something being wrong is totally false,” says Rosemary Stanton, a researcher from the University of New South Wales. “Farting is a sign of a healthy diet and a healthy colon.”

So why do plants make you fart more? In  short, farting is caused by an increase in hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide gases produced in your gut plant fibres ferment.

Now before yo head the fridge and throw out the veggies in order to avoid becoming a fart machine, health experts are quick to point out that fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods are great for your body, particularly your cardiovascular health.




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