Robert: Man sues parents for giving birth to him

A 27-year-old Indian man is planning to sue his parents over giving birth to him without his consent.

Citing the belief that it’s wrong to bring children into the world because they have to put up with lifelong suffering, Raphael Samuel, insists “it was not our decision to be born”. He continues to argue that since no one asked to be born, an individual should be be paid for the rest of their lives to live.

In a statement, Mr. Samuel’s lawyer mother says, “I must admire my son’s temerity to want to take his parents to court knowing both of us are lawyers. And if Raphael could come up with a rational explanation as to how we could have sought his consent to be born, I will accept my fault.”

Mr. Samuel says his decision is based on his belief that the world would be better place without human beings in it.

He is currently looking for a lawyer to take his case, but has been unsuccessful so far.



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