Robert: Man struck by lightning credits his Crocs for saving his life


A man from British Columbia says he is alive today thanks to his choice in footwear.

Cal Misener stepped out into a bad thunderstorm one evening after questioning whether or not the doors to his truck were open. He threw on his pair of camouflage Crocs and made his way to his vehicle.

“I reached in to turn on the ignition, and just as I had done that, bam!” Misener recalls. “The feeling is like this intensity that I’ve never felt before…my legs just felt like they had been blown apart.”

The shock of the lightning threw him three metres from his Ford pick-up and blew the Crocs off his feet. Misener credits the rubber in his footwear for him being alive today.

“I believe they saved my life” he says. “I believe at the very least they mitigated the circumstances. The damage could have been much worse.”




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