Robert: Man sets fire to lawn in order to clear away snow and ice


Don’t lie. At least once in your life you’ve looked outside your snow covered driveway and thought, “Fire would fix this real quick.”

In most situations, common sense would quickly remind you that setting fire to your property is not a good idea. In MOST situations. Not all apparently.

Police and firefighters in Paterson, New Jersey responded to a call regarding a man that had set a small fire to try to melt the snow and ice from his lawn. According to police, the man had poured about a half-gallon of gasoline on a gravelly 2-foot by 2-foot square section of his backyard.

“He thought a good idea would be to dump some gasoline on and light it on fire,” said police Lt. John Gibbons. “I don’t recall ever being dispatched to something like that.”




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