Robert: Man in Ontario spotted melting snow with a blowtorch


This latest blast of winter weather has pushed many Newfoundlanders to their limit. As long as their are mountains of snow along the city’s streets, travel is not only a hindrance to snow clearing operations, but just outright not safe. Being stuck inside, told explicitly not to leave your house while a state of emergency is in effect is a perfect recipe for cabin fever, but what can yo do about?

Well one man in Markham, Ontario may be on to something.

After the area was hit with a winter storm, (one that pales in comparison to #Snowmageddon2020, but we won’t talk about that) the man was spotte clearing the snow away from his drive way using a high powered blow torch.

As innovative as this idea is, obviously removing snow this way is not recommended.. no matter how much of a good idea it sound like.




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