Robert: Man finds $10 000 video game in attic

An unopened copy of a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is expected to fetch a man $10 000 at auction. Not bad considering the owner found the game tucked away in his attic.

Scott Amos says he found the the mint-condition, still in box copy of Kid Icarus for the original Nintendo still in a bag, accompanied with a receipt for $38.45 from 1988. “I can remember the game. My neighbor down the street had it. I remember it being hard, and I was never that good of a gamer guy,” he says. “All the family has been trying to come up with a hypothesis … (My mom) thinks she put it there and never got it back out, and then it ended up in the attic.”

Experts say finding a copy of the game still in the sealed box is extremely rare. It is believed there are fewer than 10 copies still in this condition.

Amos says he plans on splitting the proceeds from the game with his sister and taking his family on vacation.



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