Robert: Long line ups for passport applications lead to a boom in ‘freelance line standers’

Published on May 6th, 2022 @ 12:00 PM


Now that most COVID-19 restrictions have eased, many across this country are looking to appease the wanderlust they have been feeling for the last two years. As a result however, Service Canada has seen an unexpected boom in the amount of passport renewals and applications needing to be processed, leading to a long back-log and unprecedented wait times.

If you simply do not have the time to wait in line at the Passport Office to get your credentials for international travel straightened away, there is an unlikely solution to your problem; freelance line standers.

Advertisements for “freelance line standers” have started popping up on Kijiji, with people offering their services for anywhere from $17.00 to $50.00 per hour. The premise is simple, you hire someone to stand line at a Service Canada office and get a text or call when they are getting close to the front of the line.

Service Canada says from April 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022, it has issued 1 273 000 passports, a 250% increase compared to the year prior.

The Federal government is encouraging Canadians to apply early for passports and not to finalize any plans for travel until their passport has been received.




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