Robert: Local woman donates $250K doll collection to Royal Canadian Legion

Published on July 13th, 2020 @ 12:00 PM


Since the start of the pandemic, many charitable organizations have been struggling. The Royal Canadian Legion, who rely heavily on revenue generated from renting out their buildings for social gatherings, says they are losing approximately $50 000 a month.

When Madonna Porter heard Legions all over the province are hurting, she decided to donate her collection of dolls to help raise some money.

“With my age, I want to let go, and I know it will go to help other people,” Porter says.

Porter’s collection of around 500 dolls, as well as other collectibles, is estimated to be worth near $250 000.

Branch One President Greg Greening says Porter’s donation is a God send. The Legion plans on auctioning off the items in Porter’s collection and, with the money raised, they plan on setting up a bursary for Porter.




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