Robert: Lays made chips from potatoes grown in NFL field soil

Published on January 12th, 2022 @ 10:13 AM


Just in time for the SuperBowl, Lay’s has come up with a whole new way to support your favourite team: NFL team-branded potato chips.

What makes these chips different from every other bag of chips? These chips were made from made from potatoes grown in soil from your team’s home field. That’s right, you can now eat chips that came from the same ground Tom Brady once stood while throwing a touchdown pass.

According to Lay’s, they started “by pulling soil directly from NFL stadiums and fields across the country.” From there, “under the careful watch of Frito-Lay farmers, they mixed the soil into separate parts of the potato field to make chips infused with the grounds and the glory of each NFL team.”

“Lay’s is all about bringing joy to our fans, and we know there’s nothing that brings a smile to football fans’ faces more than cheering for their favorite team at their home field,” said Stacy Taffet, Frito-Lay North America’s vice president of marketing. “The limited-edition chips are our way of celebrating fans who stand by their teams through victory, defeat and everything in between.”

Additionally, fans will easily be able to make sure they are eating the right chips as bags will be adorned with the corresponding team’s logo. Meaning if your bag has the Buffalo Bills logo on it, rest assured the spuds used to make the contents of that bag were grown in soil from Hallmark Stadium.

Now before you rush out to your nearest grocery store, these bags of chips were produced in short supply, about 200 bags per team, and cannot be purchased in store. Fans can secure the goods by following Lays on Twitter and watch for Golden Grounds sweepstakes tweets from now until January 25.




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