Robert: Lady Gaga fans have been posting negative reviews of “Venom” online

Lady Gaga returns to the big screen this weekend, going head to head with some pretty big competition.

While fans of Mother Monster will surely be flocking to the theatres to see the pop star alongside Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, comic books fans are also expected to come out in droves to catch the next big Marvel based comic book adaptation, Venom, starring Tom Hardy.

The duel for the bigger debut weekend box office numbers will surely be a close one, but not if Lady Gaga’s fans have anything to say about it. Negative reviews Venom have already started to show up online, with many suggesting movie-goers spend their money go see the Gaga/Cooper led remake instead. This has lead many to believe that Lady Gaga fans have launched some sort of online guerrilla warfare in order to ensure their heroine comes out on top.

Regardless of how well it performs at the box office this weekend, A Star Is Born is still  considered a strong Oscar contender, with some already saying it could be a favourite for Best Picture.



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