Robert: Justin Bieber faces backlash following pregnancy April Fools joke

April Fools Day is the one day of they year where you can be sure not to trust anything you read on the internet.

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If U thought it was April fools

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Case in point, Justin Bieber trolled fans by posting a fake sonogram, hinting that he and wife, Hailey Baldwin, are expecting a child. While the Biebs probably had nothing but good intentions in mind, many didn’t find the practical joke all that funny.

Fake pregnancy April Fools jokes have become a go-to for those looking to take advantage of the playful spirit of the day. However, those who have struggled with fertility issues find these jokes highly insensitive.

The response to the Biebers’ announcement ranged from disappointed to “JUSTIN BIEBER IS OFFICIALLY CANCELLED”. (Legit quote)

Justin has yet to respond to the backlash.



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