Robert: John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are re-working “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, making it ‘less creepy’

One of the more controversial Christmas songs is (like everything else in this world) getting a reboot.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a beloved holiday favourite, but some of the lyrics have not aged well. The song involves a man attempting to keep his date from leaving despite her wanting to, and contains lyrics such as, “Say, what’s in this drink?”

According to a recent interview, John Legend is currently working with Kelly Clarkson on a “less creepy” version. He says he wrote new lyrics that are “every bit as fun and swinging as the original.”

“What will my friends think…” sings Clarkson.

“I think they should rejoice,” Legend responds.

“…if I have one more drink?” she inquires.

“It’s your body, and your choice.” he says.



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