Robert: It’s OK to eat romaine lettuce again.. for the most part

It’s OK to make friends with salad again.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has narrowed the warning they issued last week regarding romaine lettuce after concerns regarding a new strain of E. Coli linked with the leafy vegetable. The agency says they have linked to outbreak to the central coast of California and believes lettuce grown elsewhere should be alright to eat. Romaine grown in these regions will soon be labelled so consumers can differentiate them from those grown in the affected California area.

The Canadian government is advising the food industry not to import romaine lettuce from areas suspected of producing contaminated lettuce. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is also taking steps to ensure lettuce from areas identified by the FDA are not allowed into  the country.

The FDA is also warning consumers nor to eat romaine lettuce that lacks labeling and information regarding where it was grown and imported from, and groceries stores and retailers are being asked to post information about their romaine lettuce at the cash registers if it does not come in packaging.

As of this writing, the FDA  has not identified the source of the E. Coli contamination, but continue to investigate. There have been no reported deaths, but health officials account for 43 people having being sickened in the U.S., with 22 cases known in Canada.



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