Robert: Hong Kong is pushing female urinals to battle long bathroom lines


Hong Kong has an issue with long waits and line-ups at the bathroom. The solution, according to one group, is female urinals.

According to the Hong Kong Toilet Association, urinals could potentially cut peeing time to just 1.5 minutes, thus help to shorten queues outside women’s washrooms.

But how does it work, you ask? The facilities would include disposable paper urine funnels to help women aim accurately, and a shelf above for purses and other bags to be hung.

“It is much more feasible to install additional female urinals than to build new cubicles, especially in smaller and older public toilets,” said the group’s vice-president.

Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of interest to design such a facility, and the group is struggling to find organisations willing to conduct a pilot test.

In Germany and France, female urinals are available in temporary lavatories, but not in permanent facilities, the association says.




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