Robert: High School bans cell phones

Students at an Alaska high school are crying foul after school officials banned the use of cell phones in school.

Lumen Christi High School in Anchorage debuted a new policy at the start of the school year that requires its students to hand over their phones at the beginning of the day, not to be returned until the end of the day.

“We found a lot of distractions in our classrooms, and cellphones were a major part of that,” said principal Brian Ross.

The policy has only been in place for six weeks, but already some staffers are seeing a difference. “The kids are more focused, they put more effort into their work, and they are friendlier.”

How do the students feel about not having their phones? It was a something to get use to, but ultimately it’s not that bad. “I was bummed at first, I think all of us were,” said one student. “We’re really used to our cell phones. We learned how to adapt to it. It’s kind of nice because when we aren’t on our cell phone, we can interact more — especially between classes.”



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