Robert: Hawkins Cheezie factory shut down following fire

Before we get started, don’t worry. Hawkins Cheezies will NOT become a scarce commodity anytime soon.

Production of the beloved cheesy snack has halted following a fire at their Belleville, Ontario production facility earlier this week, but the company says they have plenty of bags stored away that’ll cover demand until production can resume.

Fire fighters say the fire broke out in the factory’s industrial deep fryer and traveled through ducting, making its way to the roof. The building’s sprinkler system managed to douse the fire in the fryer, while fire crews extinguished the fire in the ducting and fan. Damage was minimal and limited to the fryer and the materials in the immediate area.

Luckily no one was injured and ll employees were safely evacuated from the building.

The building remains closed until Sunday as the exact cause of the fire remains under investigation.



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