Robert: Girl with 3-D printed hand throws out the first pitch at Blue Jays game

Eight year old Hailey Dawson is on a mission to throw out the ceremonial first pitch in every Major League ball park despite only having one hand. With the aid of a 3-D printed prosthetic hand, Hailey’s mission continued last night as the Toronto Blue Jays bestowed the honour unto her prior to their game against the Red Sox at Rogers Centre.  The pitched marked the 25th Major League Baseball stadium on her list of 30.

Hailey is from Las Vegas and was born with Poland syndrome, which can cause missing or underdeveloped muscles on one side of the body. In Hailey’s case, she is missing her right pectoral muscle and three fingers. After acquiring a prosthetic hand, Hailey was invited to throw out a pitch for the Baltimore Orioles in 2015. Following suit, the Washington Nationals asked the same of her.

“After that, she kept asking, what’s next?” Hailey’s mother, Yong Dawson, says. “I said, do you want to throw it out for all 30 ball leagues? She said yes.”

Hailey’s goal is to not only see every pro team play, but also to raise awareness about Poland syndrome and to let people like her know that 3D-printed hands are available.



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