Robert: FOX Sports brought back the glowing puck

You may remember the infamous “glowing puck” feature Fox introduced to its NHL broadcasts back in the 90’s. To ensure viewers never became lost in the action, the puck was digitally coloured to indicate different actions from the player; blue in general and when passed, red when a player took a shot on the net. Debuting for the 1996 NHL All-Star game, the glowing puck feature was met with heavy criticism and only lasted for two seasons.


For one game only during a special broadcast on FOX Sports West, the puck once again glowed when the Los Angeles Kings met the Edmonton Oilers this past weekend. The puck didn’t glow as frequently or when sent flying towards the net. “We weren’t be able to give the speed of the shot,” Fox producer Steven Dorfman said. “But we did simulate the glow of the puck, and we did simulate the tracking of the puck. Not live, but we showed some plays in the first and second intermissions, and a couple of clips in-game and postgame on what it looked like when that technology existed.”



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