Robert: Family of Captain Tom raising money for charity


The family of Captain Tom Moore, the British war veteran who raised millions for charity, plan to celebrate what would have been the Captain’s 101st birthday by fundraising.

While the world struggled to comes to terms with COVID-19, 100 year old Moore decided he was going to walk around his garden daily, fundraising as he goes. After garnering international acclaim for his efforts, Moore raised 38.9 million pounds (US $53 million) for the U.K.’s National Health Service.

Now, one year on from the day he started his walk, his family are inviting people around the world to come up with their own challenge for charity. They’re suggesting your challenge revolve around the number 100 and attempted to be completed by May 3rd, the good Captain’s birthday.

“This is about whoever you are, whatever circumstance you are in, invent your challenge around the number one hundred,” Moore’s daughter Hannah says. “He left us with this incredible gift of hope.”




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