Robert: English couple decides who makes the tea by playing Mario Kart


An English couple has spent the last 20 years deciding who make the tea by seeing who can best who at Mario Kart.

Claire Monroe and Andy Bork from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England play Mario Kart 64 every morning to determine which one of them will make a cup of tea or coffee. “It started because it got to the point where we decided it was the fair way to decide.” says Claire. “We’re very competitive.”

A picture of couple in the midst of their morning routine recently went viral after their son posted it on Reddit.

“We used to play cards for who was going to get up to do feeding through the night,” Claire says. Andy added, “It took too long. When we bought Mario Kart it saved a lot of time. And it was more fun.”

According to the couple, Andy’s character of choice is Toad while Claire likes to mix things up.




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