Robert: Dwight Ball invites Donald Trump to ‘Come From Away’

Premier Dwight Ball has extended an invitation to U.S. President Donald Trump to attend a showing of Come From Away while hoping to discuss trade.

Ball tweeted a copy of a letter sent to The Donald, where The Dwight describes Trump’s recent policies on tariffs between Canada and the US  “extremely troubling.” He continues that he wishes to discuss “a positive and mutually beneficial trade relationship” as they watch the Broadway musical.

Relations between the US and Canada have been rocky lately, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressing his displeasure with Trump and his government over decisions that could greatly affect trade across the border. Trump in turn called Trudeau “weak and dishonest.”

“As I hope you are aware, the United States of America and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador have enjoyed a positive trade relationship for centuries with reciprocity treaties dating back to the 1800s,” writes Ball, attempting to showcase the positive relations between the province and the US. “Even during the Second World War, we stood shoulder to shoulder as the U.S. government negotiated with Newfoundland and Labrador for safe and secure military bases.” The purpose of including a viewing of Come From Away with their meeting seems to act as a reminder of how Newfoundland and Labrador welcomed so many stranded American travelers during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Ball says he wants “to discuss the virtues of a positive relationship,” and closes with jokingly assuring Trump his tickets would be “tariff-free.”



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