Robert: Dude e-mails over 200 Nicoles in hopes of finding lost love

A resilient student from the University of Calgary refused to give up on a connection he had with a girl after she gave him a wrong number.

Carlos Zetina is a first year student who says he met a girl name Nicole and immediately became smitten. She ended up giving Carlos her number, but when he tried to contact her, someone who was very much not Nicole replied. Now most people would take this as a sign that Nicole was not interested, but not Carlos. He went online and sent a mass e-mail to 246 girls named Nicole at the U of C in hopes of catching up with his lost love.

Many of  the Nicoles contacted ended up forming a group on Facebook to help Carlos find his Nicole.

Eventually THE Nicole found the group and contacted Carlos, explaining she never intended to give him the wrong number and was hoping to hear from him after their initial meeting.

“We’re planning to hang out maybe next week,” says Zetina.



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