Robert: Driver caught doing 232 km/h on the TCH

There is 0 need for this.

Nova Scotia police pulled over a Quebec man caught driving 232 km/h on the Trans-Canada Highway. Cpl. Dal Hutchinson says officers conducting radar enforcement on Highway 104 in Thomson Station spotted two vehicles racing and quickly pulled both vehicles over.

The first driver was clocked at 159 km/h and the 29 year old behind the wheel was ticketed $410. The other vehicle was recorded going 232 km/h, which was 122 km over the speed limit. A 19-year-old driver was charged with stunting and fined $2,422.50. In addition, his licence was suspended and his vehicle seized.

Hutchinson says it’s one of the fastest speeds the force has on record, and the highest he’s seen in his 14-year career.



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