Robert: Dog blamed for driving Jeep into wall

Published on March 23rd, 2021 @ 12:00 PM


Maybe a lack of thumbs can ultimately be blamed for this MVA.

Sturgeon Bay Police in Wisconsin say officers responded to a collision involving a Jeep and a brick wall outside an art museum, where they found a dog behind the wheel.

The vehicle’s owner says his Jeep had been parked at a gas station while he visited a bakery across the street. As he made his way back to the vehicle, he found it has became one with a wall.

According to anyone’s best guess, the 5-year-old Australian shepherd, Callie, knocked the shifter out of park and the vehicle began rolling.

Luckily, police say no one was injured.

Callie’s owner said the canine’s driving privileges have been permanently revoked.




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