Robert: Disney drops first look at new live-action remake of “Mulan”

Just weeks before Disney is set to release the “sure to be a blockbuster” live-action remake of The Lion King, the studio has already given us a taste of the next project in their ongoing series of animated classics turned real life re-imaginings.

On Sunday, the first trailer for a new version of the 1998 animated classic Mulan dropped, however it may not be the same movie you remember. While only 90 seconds long, the trailer gives the basic concept of the plot, and focuses heavily on the titular character, showing the duality of the quiet, peaceful life that’s expected of her and the self-fulfilling life she wants to live. Noticeable though is the lack any of the trademark songs present in the original.

According to recent interviews with the film’s director, Niki Caro, this version of Mulan will not feature any singing by the cast, and other outlets report some of the original’s score will be featured as instrumentals. This isn’t Disney’s first live-action remake to exclude songs as both 2015’s Cinderella and 2019’s Dumbo both left out signature musical scenes.

Mulan is scheduled to hit theatres in 2020. The movie stars Yifei Liu as Mulan, Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan, and Jet Li as the Emperor.



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