Robert: Customer sues over Pop-Tarts not having enough strawberries

Published on November 1st, 2021 @ 12:00 PM


An Illinois woman is seeking restitution over false claims of strawberry.

Anita Harris has filed a class action lawsuit against Kellogg’s alleging the marketing for Pop-Tarts is “misleading because they give people the impression the fruit filling contains a greater relative and absolute amount of strawberries than it does.”

The lawsuit also alleges the product’s name, “Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries,” is “false, misleading, and deceptive” because the Pop-Tart filling contains a “relatively significant amount of non-strawberry fruit ingredients”. The plaintiff further claims she wanted a “strawberry taste,” but the product failed to deliver “due to the relatively greater amount of pears and apples” in the filling.

Harris is seeking $5 000 000 USD.

Kellogg’s has yet to respond to the claims or the lawsuit.




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