Robert: Couples who meet on dating apps more likely to divorce sooner

Published on November 3rd, 2021 @ 10:20 AM


While apps and smartphones have made dating in the 21st century easier, they may have made married life more difficult.

A new study has found married couples who have met on dating apps have a higher chance of getting a divorce.

Conducted by the Marriage Foundation, the study concluded that 12% of couples who found each other online got divorced within the first three years of marriage, compared to only 2% who met through friends.

The findings also noted that the percentage of those likely to split goes up as the years go on.

Research director Harry Benson suggests that “in the early years of marriage, couples who meet this way might lack sufficient social capital or close support networks around them to deal with all the challenges they face” as a reason for the study’s findings. However, he is quick to point out the significance of online dating apps.

“Our finding in NO way undermines or diminishes the vital role of online dating, but it does highlight the greater risks and difficulties of getting to know a relative stranger where reliable sources of background information and subsequent social support are less readily available.”




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