Robert: Couple wed aboard an airplane after flight cancellation

Published on May 2nd, 2022 @ 12:00 PM


An couple from Oklahoma turned a negative into a positive after their plans to elope in Las Vegas were abruptly cancelled due to a grounded flight.

Southwest Airlines shared the couple’s story on their Facebook page explaining that Pam Patterson and Jeremy Salda were planning to head to Las Vegas to tie the knot, going as far as to travel in their wedding attire to save time. When the couple arrived in Fort Worth, Texas to hop on a connectin flight, multiple delays led to the flight being cancelled outright and their wedding plans dashed.

Proving that some things are meant to be, a fellow passenger overheard the couple lamenting over their big day disaster revealed he was an ordained minister and would be willing to personally preside over their wedding.

The trio then booked the last three remaining seats on a flight to Vegas from another airport nearby. While boarding Pam joked with the pilot that should just get married on the plane. The captain agreed and the crew began decorating the cabin with whatever materials they could find.

Surrounded by strangers the couple said “I do.”

As luck would have it, a professional photographer was onboard and agreed to document the ceremony. Passengers then passed around a notebook to serve as a makeshift guest registry.




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