Robert: CBS couple wins Chase the Ace

Ever since October of 2016, Newfoundlanders have been descending on to St. Kevin’s Parish in the Goulds in order to chase an ace. Well, after months of anticipation and growing popularity, the Ace was turned tonight by the province’s newest millionaires.┬áDon and Marge Gorman of Conception Bay South held the winning ticket that eventually led to the ace of spades showing it’s face. (That’s a little card joke for you.) The couple walked away with a jackpot worth $2 605 451.

This was to be the final week of Chase the Ace at St. Kevin’s as the ever increasing number of individuals showing for their shot to pick a card, any card would have interfered with the flow of teacher’s and students attending the neighbouring St. Kevin’s High School come September. To ensure the ace was chosen tonight, organizers decided they would continue drawing winning tickets until someone picked the ace. Don and Marge were the second to attempt to find the ace after Glen Stokes of Mount Pearl drew the 10 of spades. Had he have chosen the ace, he would have walked away with well over $3 000 000.

The 50/50 tonight went to Marjorie Williams of Kilbride who pocketed $427 135.