Robert: Canada Post cancels holiday delivery guarantee following strikes

Canada Post is alerting customers that it will no longer be able to honour its holiday delivery guarantee due to a massive backlog. With only weeks left until Christmas, Canada Post says five weeks of rotating strikes among their workers have caused a backlog three times than normal for the holiday season, and they have no choice but to cancel their holiday guarantee.

“We came into December overloaded,” a Canada Post spokesperson says. “We’ve been working through that but more and more comes and it’s more than we’re able to get out the door.”

Meanwhile, a representative for the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is saying the delivery delay is a “manufactured crisis.”

“This backlog they had, I don’t believe it was as extensive as what they’re saying, the mail was still going out,” says the CUPW. “We should still be on rotating strikes. as far as I’m concerned.”

Back on November 26th, following a strenuous back and forth between Canada Post and the Union, the federal government passed back-to-work legislation hoping to get the delivery schedule back to normal in time for the holidays. The labour dispute between the two parties is now in the hands of a mediator-arbitrator, who has 90 days to try a reach a contract settlement.



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