Robert: Busch offering free beer for fostering a dog during COVID-19 pandemic

Now THIS is a win-win situation!

Since the onset of COVID-19 in the United States, animal shelters across the country have been shouting their doors to the public and cancelling events aimed to increase adoptions. The only problem is, this hasn’t slowed animals from being taken in by these shelters.

To remedy this problem, Busch Beer has teamed up with Midwest Animal Rescue to launch the “Foster a Dog, Get Busch” offer.

“During these uncertain and lonelier times, people need an escape: cue the cute puppy memes and photos,” a spokesperson for Busch said in a statement. “But as much as we need those cute puppy pics to help get us through social distancing, it’s actually them who need us. Social distancing is better with a furry friend by your side and a cold beer in your hand.”

To enter, participants must adopt or foster a dog through Midwest Animal Rescue. Once the adoption is finalized, the individual must send the confirmation to Busch to be eligible. The first 500 people to enter will receive a $100 pre-paid debit card, which is the equivalent of three months of Busch beer.



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