Robert: Brokinis are making waves in the world of beach fashion


Two Ontario fashion designers are looking to make a “splash” at the beach with their latest creation; the “brokini”.

Chad Sasko and Taylor Field describe the one-piece swimsuit for men as “the perfect swimwear to make your parents question where they went wrong.”

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A revolution of schmedium proportions #brokinis

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“We’re getting lots of great feedback and we’re getting lots of negative feedback, which we’re finding hilarious,” says Field. “We’re getting comments like we need to be more worried about the spread of brokinis than the spread of COVID. Lots of ‘why would you ever make this?’ And then we’re also getting people saying that they’ve been waiting their whole lives for a bathing suit like this.”

“The one shoulder bathing suit guaranteed to turn heads. Show off your 🍆 in style this summer 🙈,” reads the Brokini Instagram page.

The Brokini currently comes in two patterns, “Bromingo” and “Fineapple,” and a $45 price tag.




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