Robert: Boy who received “Maple Leaf” cake heading to see the Maple Leafs

Jacob Bertrand, the boy who erroneously received a Maple Leaf Foods logo cake instead of a Toronto Maple Leafs logo cake, is heading to see his favourite hockey team. 

After the story regarding his birthday cake made waves online, Maple Leaf Foods gifted the eight-year-old with a trip to Toronto for his family, tickets to a Leafs game and $300 worth of Maple Leaf bacon.

Jacob’s parents initially requested a “maple leafs cake” from a baker for his birthday. When the bakery asked for a picture for reference, Jacob’s mom suggesting “googiling it”. When she returned for the cake, she was given a cake with the Maple Leaf Food logo.

Jacob’s dad, Mathieu, says it was an honest mistake. “She tried her best, because we asked her to Google it,” he said. “If you Google it, the first maple leaf sign that comes out is the logo for Maple Leaf Foods.”

Maple Leaf Chief operating officer Curtis Frank says, “At the end of the day, no one wants to see a young man disappointed on his birthday. We had an opportunity to stand up and do what was right to help him out.”



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