Robert: Barack Obama admits he was once kicked out of Disneyland

Former Prez of the U S of A, Barack Obama spoke at a rally in California and admitted that he was once not welcome at the happiest place on Earth.

The 44th commander in chief shared the story of his second trip to Disneyland while he was in college where he and some friends traveled to Mickey’s hangout to attend a concert. After the show, Obama and his buddies committed a major “no-no.”

“I’m ashamed to say this—so close your ears young people.” Obama said. “But a few of us were smoking on the gondolas.” After the crowd loudly reacted to the confession, Obama specified, “No, no. These were cigarettes, people.”

A few park officers spotted Obama and his friends and asked them to leave. “This is a true story everybody,” he said. “I was booted from the Magic Kingdom.”

Despite the infraction, Walt and his pals hold no grudge against the former President. Disney CEO Bob Iger says “he (Barack) can always come back, as long as he doesn’t smoke!”



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