Robert: Baked beans ice cream served up in London

Published on August 5th, 2022 @ 12:30 PM


Londoners trying to beat the heat this summer have option of snacking some new, albeit unusual ice cram flavours.

A small pop-up called the Ice Cream Project is getting the attention of the public due to their unique options for ice cream. Described as “British store cupboard classics,” the new store offers flavours such as baked beans, porridge oats and HP sauce.

“We sold out of six weeks’ worth of ice cream in four days, so we’ve been really, really popular … We’ve got our own regulars which is really lovely,” says employee¬†Hannah Wearne.

“There’s lots of weird flavours and … me and my sister were very excited to try lots of them,” said nine-year-old ice cream connoisseur Izzy Konviser. “I think the weirdest … is probably ketchup, and baked beans because it’s just like the most unusual thing that you would ever have.”

The Ice Cream Project will continue pumping out its creations until August 28th.





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